One Must Start Somewhere

As the title of my blog would indicate, I’m not enturely sure where I will take this whole blog “thing.”  It’s not a new phenomenon – to blog, that is – but it certainly isn’t something I’ve ever thought about doing and it seems like something that might be fun.  Hopefully more than fun.  I have never been one to care for a public outlet like this one, as I tend to be a more private person.  But, perhaps this doesn’t turn into a public journal of my personal live, and maybe it turns more into a way for me to practice writing in general.

It remains to be seen.  One day, I will look back at this post and wonder what ever compelled me to want to start my blog.  But like many things, one must start somewhere and I don’t expect this to be anywhere near my most interesting or open minded posts.  Indeed, let’s see where this goes.


One thought on “One Must Start Somewhere

  1. Hey! Cool that you're writing a blog! I'll have to keep up with it. I have one, too! It was just going to be for my Europe tour last fall, but I've decided to continue it because a bunch of people nagged me. I link it on fb usually. 🙂 Happy writings!

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