One Must Start Somewhere

As the title of my blog would indicate, I’m not enturely sure where I will take this whole blog “thing.”  It’s not a new phenomenon – to blog, that is – but it certainly isn’t something I’ve ever thought about doing and it seems like something that might be fun.  Hopefully more than fun.  I have never been one to care for a public outlet like this one, as I tend to be a more private person.  But, perhaps this doesn’t turn into a public journal of my personal live, and maybe it turns more into a way for me to practice writing in general.

It remains to be seen.  One day, I will look back at this post and wonder what ever compelled me to want to start my blog.  But like many things, one must start somewhere and I don’t expect this to be anywhere near my most interesting or open minded posts.  Indeed, let’s see where this goes.